This workshop is dedicated to the ancient craft of calligraphy. During the class, you will practice each letter of the alphabet so you will learn to perform full texts that can be used in posters, logos, tattoos, and many other variants. This mix will open new doors in your professional development. You will get in close contact with the essence of the exciting world of calligraphy: ink, brush, stroke, and other tools; key elements that are often left aside in our computer age, but which are basic for good lettering.


Skills and material:

Eager to work and learn. Paper A3. Pencil and eraser. 45–60 cms rule. Brush pen, medium size (Pentel or Kuretake). Ink. Syringe.



typography workshop


with Joluvian

FEBRUARY 19.—22., 2015




ABOUT Joluvian

Jose Luis Vivas aka Joluvian, was born and raised in Venezuela. After his graduation in graphic design from university of Merida City, he spent most of his first years of working life travelling, from Orlando, Florida, to Tijuana, Mexico. In 2005 he returned to his home country and lived in Caracas for five years, working as an art director for an advertising agency. After that period, he decided to expand his knowledge and went to Madrid to study 3D. Still based there, he now works as a freelance designer. In his work, Joluvian loves to combine calligraphy, lettering and illustration, mixing different techniques, and he is still eager to learn new things and refine his own skills. From brush pen hand lettering to the vector world with illustrator software, his designs show incredible love for details and also a great sense of humour.