Aad Goudappel


“We, illustrators, are the Houdinis of art. We are not independent artists. Our work is always in context and each assignment comes with different kinds of restrictions. It doesn’t mean we only do what we are told to do. We just make sure we know all the restrictions, the boundaries of an assignment and find our way out! Do what WE love and make sure the client loves it too.“


In Aad Goudappel´s masterclass on Conceptual Illustration you will work on generating ideas, developing them and turning them into powerful illustrations, assisted by one-to-one guidance throughout the whole process. You will start from real life briefs with an increasing amount of restrictions. Aad will present himself as an art-director in the critiques, or let the group function as an art-director. Can you find your way out of the many restrictions and bring the illustration home?


Required material:

Anything you need for sketching, doing roughs and finalizing an illustration. Preferably using less time consuming techniques as the goal is to crank out a few final pieces, work hard and fast.


Required skills:

Medium to advanced illustrations skills.



illustration workshop


with Aad Goudappel

NOVEMBER 12.—15., 2015




ABOUT Aad Goudappel

Aad Goudappel lives and works in Rotterdam (NL) as a freelance illustrator. He translates complex ideas and abstract themes into clear and powerful images, and creates illustrations that at first glance seem very simple. His distinctive style is characterized by the use of flat areas of color and the complete absence of lines. On closer look the mildly alienating images often contain multiple intellectual or emotional layers – this approach leads to works that are both timeless and contemporary. Aad graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, and in addition followed courses at Camberwell College of Art in London (UK) and the Art Institute in Boston (USA).


His work has been repeatedly awarded by the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, 3x3 ProShow, Communication Arts, ADC Germany, Red Dot Award and others. His impressive client list includes City of Rotterdam, EdenSpiekermann, Fortune, Herman Miller, Health, Mainpress, Management Scope, Men’s Health, More, PostNL, Thjnk, Toshiba, WIRED, Wall Street Journal, and many more.