and wings

Peter Diamond


There is a lot of talk about ‘style’, and it can be a kind of Holy Grail for students of illustration. But style isn’t just about the technique of how you draw, as the word might suggest, it’s a voice that comes from your own unique constellation of experiences, memories and tendencies. It’s as much about who you are and how you see the world as it is about how you draw.


So we’ll be taking some time to look at what moves each of us and why, to stake stock of where we come from and look for areas where our interests and experiences may be opening new avenues of exploration. This will involve brainstorming, note-taking and discussion initially, and some research if need be.


Then we’ll be moving to sketches and final execution, I’ll provide one-to-one coaching as we go and you are likely to learn from your neighbours as well. Our end goal is to have a finished piece and hopefully a whole set of new ideas to work on after the class is over.


Required material:

Bring plenty of paper and pens/pencils for sketching and note-taking, as well as whatever you normally use to finish a piece (keeping in mind that we can’t accommodate painting set-ups with solvents and lots of liquids). I ask that you sketch and brainstorm on paper, but finishing work can of course be done digitally (please bring your own laptops and graphics tablets). A scanner, photocopier and wi-fi will be available on-site.


Required skills:

You should have intermediate or advanced drawing skills and be comfortable with whatever tools you plan to work with, since this workshop is not about learning how to draw but rather about ideas. You should also have some experience seeing an idea through to the finished piece.



illustration workshop

and wings

with Peter Diamond

NOVEMBER 12.—15., 2015




ABOUT Peter Diamond

Peter Diamond is an award-winning illustrator based in Vienna, Austria. Born in England and raised in Canada, he graduated with a BFA from NSCAD University in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Peter has worked with clients in Europe and North America, notable among them Howler, Plansponsor, Liverpool FC and The New York Times. His early background in album covers, indie comics and gig posters still informs his work today. He has exhibited his work in New York, Berlin, Vienna, Adelaide and Halifax. He also teaches at Illuskills and works with Illustria, the burgeoning society of Austrian illustrators, as an international contact person.