late night stories
Colin Kaesekamp
aka Cone The Weird


There´s no better source of inspiration than your own life – things you´ve experienced from dusk till dawn will be the jumping-off point of this adventure: either real life incidents like a party visit, some chance encounters during a night stroll, odd situations happening in the dark, or those surreal moments that come about when your body is already half asleep but your mind still is not at rest …


In this workshop, you will start with exercises to gather ideas, and after that you´ll focus on character design, developing motives, perfect composition, and finding a harmonious colour palette. You´ll get one-to-one coaching in refining your individual skills, and in the end you should have finished a striking autobiographical artwork, based on memories and personal reflections.


Required material:

Everything you need to complete an artwork from sketch to finish, either analog or digital (or both): paper, cardboard, pencil, marker, cutter, laptop and wacom (scanner and copying machine will be provided). Please also bring one of your own artworks from your personal portfolio as well as a copy of a favourite piece by an artist that inspires you, no matter which technique.


Required skills:

Advanced illustration skills and practical experience, and also a little courage to try out new things and leave the beaten path.



illustration workshop

late night stories
with Colin Kaesekamp
aka Cone The Weird

NOVEMBER 12.—15., 2015




ABOUT Colin Kaesekamp aka Cone The Weird

Colin Kaesekamp was born in Munich and studied Communications Design in Saarbruecken (Germany), where he is based at the moment. After his graduation, he started teaching at the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar (HBKsaar). In 2010, together with five fellow designers he founded the interdisciplinarily operating studio Bureau Stabil. Besides, he works as a freelance artist, known as Cone the Weird. Originally coming from the street art scene, his creations have changed in topic and style over the years, but he is still enthusiastic when it comes to design murals. By now he has had solo shows and group exhibitions in Hong Kong, New York, Detroit, Montpellier, and Vienna. Cone is a proud member of the urban art collective The Weird.